Mobbed Up Inc. cares about what we do. We focus on the old school ways of doing business. That means we look out for those who look out for us. We’ve been known to do business with a handshake and a smile but aren’t naive to think it works all the time. We go the extra mile to do business with people who are of superior character and carry a resume’ of doing the right thing, the right way. Our services are diversified and beneficial to anyone looking to start a business, right a business or run a business. From food manufacturing/marketing (olive oils etc.) to business management, entertainment or legal services, we’re a full SERVICE company.We consult businesses in many different ways. Our staff and board is comprised of industry leaders who have a proven track record in start-ups as well as fixing and putting well established companies back on the right track or finding ways to sell a business for top dollar.



Our in-house lawyers get the ball rolling with a review of contracts offered to talent for any deals on the table to sell your book, manuscript, feature film or TV show script. We also have industry relationships that can help you forward your career with gigs, photo shoots and more. We will use our industry relationships to help forward your career.


We utilize our industry relationships for our own projects which are produced inhouse. We make our avenues of distribution for your project available to you. Whether it’s DVD or new media, we can help get your project completed and/or distributed. We always have projects with shop agreements. We’ve established many deal through the years with many networks and producers including Dick Wolf.


We have an entire production company that produces a variety of live events. From a night of comedy to sporting events. We can put it together from start to finish. From the talent to the marketing and everything in between. If you have a budget, let’s talk.


We use our contacts on all platforms (terrestrial/digital) to help you get the word out. Whether you’re in need of a press release, the promotion of that press release, radio/TV/billboard marketing, flyer design, website assistance, we can help. Feel free to reach out with your ideas or questions, we’re always eager to discuss how our services can help you. With all of us helping one another, there’s no way we can be stopped.

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