Mizfit is an up-in-coming rap artist hailing from the southside of Chicago. His beginnings weren’t easy. He grew up in a low income, single parent household. His younger years were fraught with financial stress and instability. Mizfit turned to the world of music and martial arts in search of a creative space where he could turn his negative feelings into something more positive. His maternal family had a passion for music that he soon adopted. Spurred on by his friends, Mizfit began playing guitar and writing lyrics for songs that would one day capture the attention of Mobbed Up Records. 


Now that Mizfit is backed by a well established label he is looking forward to making his mark in the rap scene of Chicago. He plans to make music for younger audiences who are going through the same issues he faced as a kid. His most recent track “Immortality” deals with hard concepts regarding incarceration and the kinds of painful struggles that can pass down from generation to generation. 


Mizfit is currently working on more music which will be available to the public soon. Watch out for upcoming releases on his social media pages @mobbedupmizfit on Instagram and Facebook.

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